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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

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The White Tara Shrine Update
May Lein Ho gives us a short status report on this fabulous project.
Of the 154 White Tara Statues that make up the Shrine for Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche's 90th Birthday:
All the 12-inch Statues are sold.
Five 6-inch statues are still available
Thirty-five 8-inch statues remain.
Donation toward the 24-inch statue in any amount is available.
Suggested: A statue would be a terrific group project for a KTC or other group that has worked with Rinpoche these past many years, and it would serve as a powerful blessing for a group shrine. 

One of Ten Reviews Now on Amazon for"The Heart is Noble" 

"There is no one who better explains what compassion is all about and how to practically implement it in everyday life, whether one is a Buddhist or not. This exceptional book is another pearl in his rosary of writings and a source of inspiration for everyone who wishes themselves and others a better life."
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Mahakala and Protectors Statue Filling and Shrine Dedication  
KTD has received their Mahakala and Protector statues and are in the process of preparing them for installation in KTD's protector shrine room.
Lama Karma Drodhul describes the scene:
"We are preparing to fill the Mahakala statue and need to do a lot of pujas before we fill it. We have all the Karme Ling Lamas and Lama Tashi Dondup with our Guru Khenpo Rinpoche and Khenpo Ugyen Tenzin. I am hanging in there there with jet lag! May there not be any obstacles for practicing Dharma! Karmapa Chenno! 
Lama Tashi Dondup came in to assist prior to teaching 'Death and Our Journey Through the Bardo' this weekend, April 19 - 21.
Fish Story 

After three years, the fish in the KTD Pond are back! Whether due to providence - or the compassionate goldfish life release Bodhi Kids did last year - we are happy to see them!
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Earth Day at KTD This Weekend
Robyn Glenney with KTD's New Compost Bin
Robyn Glenney has been a Residential Volunteer at KTD for the past few months. She has returned home but is still interested in helping KTD. 
Robyn writes:

Some of you know that I wanted to keep volunteering for some environmental/sustainability projects. As it turns out, this Sunday is the day before Earth Day! 
Since KTD has a tradition of raising awareness of the natural environment on Earth Day, we thought it would be great to get people involved and outdoors this weekend. 

I am thinking that we can start the main work day at 9:30 after shamatha, but for those attending Lama Tashi's teaching I can schedule a little walk to go over some environmental issues on the KTD grounds and the meanings behind working on them. For those interested in working on something for any amount of time that day, here is an overview of some projects:

By Sunday, I expect it will be finally warm enough for "spring cleaning." If I may paraphrase His Holiness Karmapa in the film "Never Give Up," cleaning up our surroundings allows us to clean up our mind.
I see the old scrap piles behind the kitchen as the first priority to be cleared away. We will shovel out the pile and bring it to the new compost bin to mix with other materials and hopefully make a better home for our decomposers. This will be a huge help to the health and general atmosphere of that hillside.
Also, several areas of the grounds have been tended as gardens, all of which are ready for some clearing and preparation for spring. Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to put in some new plantings, as well.
Finally, there are some spots where there is evidence of old projects that were abandoned. We may not get to picking everything up, but especially near the Dharma Path it would be nice to reduce the man-made clutter and clear up some more room for other living things.
Please check the KTD blog at ktdblog.wordpress.com for more on environmental projects.
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