viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Iniciación y Transmisión Oral de Nyingma Kama

Estimados amigos,

Os queremos transmitir la invitación del Monasterio Rigon Tashi Choeling (Nepal) a participas en la Iniciación y Transmisión Oral de Nyingma Kama.

Si quieres participar ponte en contacto con el Monasterio de Nepal directamente,  ten en cuenta que Padma Ling no participa en la organización del evento. Abajo encontrarás los datos de contacto.

Un afectuoso Saludo

    Dear all,

 This is to inform you all that both the Empowerment and Oral Transmission of the Nyingma Kama will commence from 27th october 2011 and its estimated that the Empowerment will finish within 20 days and Oral Transmission in 30 days (for further
details check the file Nyingma_Kama_Empowerment1.jpg ).

Before that from 15th October 2011, our Annual Phurba Drupchen will commence and it will finish in about 8 days.

As you all know, we have very limited accomodations. So please those who are willing to participate can inform us at the earliest.  We have three types of rooms, one at the Amchi Sherab Guest House, other at the Bomo Sherab's House and third one at our Monastery classrooms. The room rate at the Amchi Sherab is Rs 1000 per day, Bomo Sherab is Rs 500 per day and the Monastery class room is Rs 200 per day per person.

    Please inform these to the respective sangha members.

    Thank you.

    with best wishes,

    Pema Gyurmey

Rigon Tashi Choeling
Dallu, Sheshnarayan-7
GPO Box 21855
Kathmandu, Nepal
Te: +977-1-4710203, 4710566
Fax: +977-1-4710557

Padma Ling
Calle Sant Pere Més Alt, 68 3º
08003 Barcelona (ESPAÑA)

Tlf. 932681161, 679 13 79 79

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