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Release Date: May 09, 2011


This is one of the golden opportunities
to urgently heal the broken samaya (Tantric vows),
to immediately purify the most negative karma
caused by past heinous actions,
to instantly expand the meritfield as vast as the space,
and to quickly nourish the seeds of enlightenment
by clearing all the possible obstacles on the path!
~ His Holiness The Gyalwang Drukpa ~
Please refer to His Holiness's latest message "Karma Doesn't Sleep".
Conceived by His Holiness The Gyalwang Drukpa,the Vajra Wheel containing ONE BILLION copies of 100-syllable mantra is a universal healing project, to eradicate conceivable and inconceivable sufferings, as a result of negative accumulations over a long period of time. As can be witnessed by the world's current state, it goes without saying that there is an urgency to do something effective to stop and if not, dilute, the impact of karmic retributions. We are fortunate that THERE IS A WAY.
After many years searching for a suitable location for this project, His Holiness decided that Swayambhunath is the most suitable site. However, there was no possibility of acquiring any land, big or small, at the stupa, as everywhere at and around the stupa had been occupied.
In late April 2011, His Holiness proudly informed that a small piece of land at Swayambhunath Stupa, one of the most sacred sites in this world, was offered to him, for the purpose of constructing the Vajra Wheel. FINALLY, A PRAYER FULFILLED!
Due to the urgency to complete the project, this opportunity is opened to 108 prospective benefactors for a donation of US$10,000 per person or group. Today, we are pleased to inform that we have received sponsorship from more than 60 benefactors for this project.
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