domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Friends of FPMT

Dear Tso Pema,

Last week we wrote to you about the Friends of FPMT program and highlighted the FPMT Online Learning Center. We are happy to report that we have welcomed 41 new Friends this past week.

This week, we focus on Mandala Publications, an exclusive benefit of the Friends of FPMT program at the Basic Friendship level and higher. For twenty-two years, Mandala has served as the official publication of FPMT, bringing the international community relevant teachings, feature stories, and worldwide FPMT news.

Mandala’s mission is to help connect and inspire FPMT’s worldwide community of students, teachers, and friends through its print publication; articles, blogs, and multi-media features on; and the quarterly Mandala eZine, which, through page-turning software, affords the magazine experience in digital form.
“This is the first time I have received the eZine and I am blown away at both the quality and the software used. It's beautiful. Call me a nerd, but I LOVE the sound of the pages turning way cool. I am very impressed!” Trenton Ray, Brownwood, Texas, USA

Available only through the membership schemes of individual FPMT centers, projects, and services; and via the Friends of FPMT program, Mandala serves as a critical piece to the FPMT experience. For as little as US$5 per month, you can gain one year’s access to Mandala Publications by becoming a Friend of FPMT at the Basic Friendship level. Further, discounts are 
offered to Sangha as well as to Friends living in countries with low to medium foreign currency exchange rates. Please consider becoming a Friend of FPMT at the Basic Friendship level so you can take advantage of all that Mandala has to offer.
“Unlike some magazines, Mandala is for reading from cover to cover and even the ads have beautiful pictures of holy items, faces of buddhas, teachings, new book releases, and FPMT stories, so you want to read every page.” Susan Macauley, Tasmania, Australia

Help us reach our goal of welcoming 500 new Friends by November by forwarding this email to a friend or becoming a Friend of FPMT today.

With warm wishes, 

Friends of FPMT Team

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