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Tuesday 2015/03/10
FILE - The Dalai Lama directs a peace sign toward the head table, where U.S. President Barack Obama was seated, during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Feb. 5, 2015.

China: Dalai Lama 'Profanes' Buddhism by Doubting his Reincarnation

Chinese-appointed governor of Tibet says spiritual leader contradicts traditional beliefs when he says he will not be reincarnated when he dies More
Map of self-immolations in Tibet, or near Tibet

Tibetan Self-immolates in Ngaba

Free Tibet organization said the woman, Norchuk, was in her forties; authorities took her remains and cremated her before her family could carry out a funeral More

Audio Self-Immolation To Death Protest In Security Heavy Ngaba

A mother of three carried out her protest on Thursday night in a small village, which explains why local Tibetans were able to conduct prayers and cremate her properly on Friday morning before her remains could have been seized by the Chinese security. More
monk protester arrested in Ngaba

Audio Police Arrest Lone Monk Protester in Ngaba

Genduk Phuntsok shouted slogans calling for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet, and demanded equality and freedom for Tibetans. More
A Show of Force At Tibetan Prayer Festival

Audio A Show of Force At Tibetan Prayer Festival

Photos and videos are showing up on Chinese social media of the heavy security presence at the annual Monlam Prayer Festival at Kumbum monastery, located in present day Qinghai province of the People’s Republic of China. More

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