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A Vision of freedom in Tibet in 2012‏

31 December 2011

Dear Friends,

2012 will be a critical year for China, as its leaders implement a handover of power to the next generation of Communist Party Officials, whilst attempting to stem rising unrest within its borders and silence the clamour for democracy that has been sweeping the Middle East.

There is evidence that ordinary people are beginning to lose their fear of the Chinese authorities. We have seen examples in Tibet where, in November, thousands of local people gathered for the funeral of immolated nun Palden Choetso (graphic video: viewer discretion advised) and more recently in the striking events in Wukan, where the community organised itself to resist land seizures and protest the death in custody of a village leader.

We can play a part in supporting oppressed people within China's borders. Kirti Rinpoche (pictured right), the exiled leader of Kirti Monastery in Ngaba which has been at the centre of recent resistance, recently said "the only reason the authorities haven't shut down the monastery is because of the surge in international attention on Tibet since 2008." Rinpoche's statement assures us that every piece of campaigning and advocacy work we do is making a difference.  

In 2012 the International Tibet Network pledges to...
    • Continue to ensure the actions and aspirations of the Tibetan people in Tibet are at the forefront of our activities. We will amplify their courageous acts of resistance and increase the flow of information from and back into Tibet.
   • Strengthen advocacy for Tibet and bolster international governments' tangible support in the face of China's diplomatic interference.
  • Increase the effectiveness of our global campaigns by seeking out and implementing new and innovative tactics.
  • Build the skills and the capacity of Tibet advocates and campaigners, especially in G8 member states, the EU and other key countries across the world.
  • Ensure that the importance of Tibet's future is a key message in China's handover of power to the next generation of leaders.

Please help us with a pledge of your own. Can you make a gift for the Tibet movement for 2012? By donating to the International Tibet Network, you will be investing in the future of Tibet campaigning around the world; your gift will help in the vital task of building and strengthening our global efforts to promote freedom in Tibet. 

To give, please go to http://www.tibetnetwork.org/donate.

We thank all those of you who have given already in recent weeks, and we thank all of you for your support.

Our very best wishes for 2012,

Alison Reynolds,
Executive Director, International Tibet Network Secretariat

International Tibet Network is a global coalition of 180 Tibet groups dedicated to campaigning non-violently to restore the rights Tibetans lost when China occupied Tibet sixty years ago.

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