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Tibet: A Treasured Land

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Dear Söpa,

ICT's beautiful 2011 calendar Tibet: A Treasured Land makes the perfect holiday gift and helps support our work for Tibet all year long.

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Treasured by Tibetans and foreigners alike, Tibet's vast grasslands, powerful rivers, towering mountains and unique wildlife are a priceless fortune. For generations Tibetans have lived harmoniously with their environment, viewing it as both a mystical abode for the spirits and as a life-sustaining force.

Our 2011 calendar showcases Tibet's spiritual value and remarkable beauty, while also highlighting the urgent need for conservation in the face of environmental destruction from climate change and mismanagement of the land by the Chinese government.
Calendars are available now for only $13.99 plus shipping and handling from ICT's online store or by mail using this PDF order form.

Visit www.savetibet.org/calendar to see more images from the calendar. Each calendar is printed on 100% recycled paper using soy-based inks and helps support ICT's vital work throughout the year on behalf of Tibetans inside Tibet and in exile.

The purchase of this calendar, whether to keep or to give as a gift, contributes to ICT's work to protect these sacred Tibetan lands. And, by displaying these beautiful images, you might introduce Tibet to someone who will join our ICT network for peace and justice in Tibet.

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Mary Beth Markey

PS: Active Friends of Tibet monthly supporters can order the calendar by mail for the reduced price of $6.99 plus shipping and handling.  
Visit www.savetibet.org/calendar to find out how!

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