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First of all, we should remember the ultimate meaning of guru, which is the absolute guru. We have to realize that the guru that we see and hear is the absolute guru, the dharmakaya, the transcendental wisdom of non-dual bliss and voidness, the eternal primordial mind that has no beginning and no end.

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Lama Tsong Khapa Guru YogaLama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga
Short and powerful practice related to Lama Tsongkhapa, a great Tibetan scholar, saint, and teacher of the 14th century, to help invoke the blessings and guidance of one's personal teachers and to develop the realizations of guru devotion.
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Six-Session Guru YogaSix-Session Guru Yoga
Within the Gelug tradition, practicing the Six-Session Guru Yogais a daily commitment for anyone who has received a highest yoga tantra empowerment. This booklet provides texts of the full Six-Session Guru Yoga, the abbreviated version, and commentary from Lama Zopa Rinpoche on the benefits of the practice and the samayas of the five buddha families.
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Heart Sutra Practices and Instruction for RetreatHeart Sutra Practices and
Instruction for Retreat

In these teachings Lama Zopa Rinpoche presents experiential instructions on how to meditate on emptiness. Rinpoche provides a clear explanation of how to approach this subtle topic, how the experience of meditating on emptiness should feel, and how to avoid mistakes in your meditation.
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Dear Lama ZopaDear Lama Zopa
Unconventional wisdom, affirmation, and advice from one of Tibetan Buddhism’s most influential living teachers. Lama Zopa, Rinpoche offers advice for our everyday, real-life problems — from the littlest to the biggest. Every year he receives thousands of letters from people around the world asking for advice — on coping with everything from addiction, grief, and depression, to war, terrorism, and death.
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Meditations on Guru Devotion - MP3 CDMeditations on Guru Devotion - MP3 CD
In these exquisite meditations, Ven. Sarah Thresher guides us through the lam-rim outline on guru devotion. These recordings of 15 individual meditations can be used as formal guided meditations or listened to more casually while driving or working around the house.
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Guru Puja CDGuru Puja CD
Guru Puja is traditionally celebrated on the 10th and 25th days of the lunar month. During the puja various kinds of offerings are made, one of them being tsog - food mentally transformed into substances worthy to be enjoyed by our teachers. Now you can do this puja and offer tsog by chanting along with the Kopan monks.
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Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga CDLama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga CD
In this very clear audio recording Ven. Sarah Thresher chants the entire Ganden Lha Gyama puja, clearly and slowly as a tool so that we can learn the tunes exactly as Rinpoche likes them to be done. A must have for puja chant leaders.
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Emptiness Explained - DVD or MP3Emptiness Explained - DVD or MP3
Emptiness Explained presents pith instructions from Lama Zopa Rinpoche on how to meditate on emptiness. It includes the keys for laying a successful foundation for your practice, the importance of the role of guru devotion in generating realizations, and practical advice for how to structure a daily practice.
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How to Meditate on Emptiness MP3 CDHow to Meditate on Emptiness MP3 CD
In September 2005, Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave extraordinary teachings on emptiness and how to meditate on emptiness. This data CD includes MP3s of preliminary teachings on happiness, what is mind and how to most effectively use the mind, and then proceeds to detailed commentary on emptiness.
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Green Tara Thangka Extra SmallMP3 Downloads
The Foundation Store audio collection includes Buddhist teachings, chants, meditations, supplementary materials study programs and more. Now available in MP3 downloadable format, no shipping required!
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Guru Manifests as an Ordinary Being to Subdue Sentient Beings - DVDGuru Manifests as an Ordinary Being to Subdue Sentient Beings - DVD
In this powerful teaching on guru devotion, Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains clearly the dependent relation between how the guru appears and the level of our mind. We are given practical methods to experience the ordinary appearance of our teachers as a profound kindness that increases our faith.
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Dispelling Superstitions DVDDispelling Superstitions DVD
How do we determine if what we are thinking about something or someone is valid or is deceived? In this teaching, Lama Zopa Rinpoche identifies clearly just how the process of ignorant projection works.
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Atomic Bomb Against Ignorance - DVDAtomic Bomb Against Ignorance - DVD
In this two DVD set, Lama Zopa Rinpoche takes us through the different Buddhist schools' views of what selflessness means and elucidates the subtle and precise distinctions of the Madhyamaka Prasangika view, the only understanding of selflessness that can forever and completely cut the root of samsara.
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This is the Teaching of the Buddha - DVDThis is the Teaching of the Buddha - DVD
In this explanation, filled with stories and anecdotal illustrations, Lama Zopa Rinpoche describes to us unmistakably what is true Dharma and what is not. With a number of actual life incidents, Rinpoche brings us to the heart of the teachings – cherishing others and renouncing ourselves.
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Why Bear Hardships for the Dharma? - DVDWhy Bear Hardships for the Dharma? - DVD
Practicing the path that leads to ultimate happiness is not always easy. In fact, it is most often extremely difficult. In this DVD, Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains clearly how to identify true suffering, what is true happiness, and encourages us to embrace the opportunity to bear hardships for the Dharma.
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Tuscan Summer Teachings DVDTuscan Summer Teachings DVD
"A star, a visual aberration, the flame of a lamp, an illusion, a drop of dew or a bubble, a dream, a flash of lightning, a cloud - see conditioned things as such!" Lama Zopa Rinpoche takes this well known verse from the Diamond Cutter Sutra as the starting and ending point for this series of six talks extraced from teachings given in June 2008 at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa, Pomaia Italy.
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Service as a Path to EnlightenmentService as a Path to Enlightenment
This short text contains essential advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche of how to be skillful in our service to others. By doing this, our action becomes the best offering and makes the numberless buddhas and bodhisattvas happy, even if wrathful action is required.
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Living in the Path - Module 6: Happiness of Dharma - ONLINELiving in the Path - Module 6:
Happiness of Dharma - ONLINE

In this course, Lama Zopa Rinpoche inspires us to recognize the opportunity of our perfect human life and take full advantage. We are skillfully reminded that life is short; but we can still insure our success in obtaining all levels of happiness.
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Basic Program Study Manual for Chapter 4 of Ornament for Clear Realization - PDF Basic Program Study Manual for Chapter 4 of Ornament for Clear Realization - PDF 
This Manual contains the translation of the root text, a summarized explanation of each topic of Chapter 4, and the definitions from Jetsün Chökyi Gyaltsen’s Ocean of Sport. An introduction to key Buddhist concepts and an overview of Svatantrika tenets are also included.
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Manual Ornamento, 4to. cap. Programa básico - PDF Manual Ornamento, 4to. cap. Programa básico - PDF 
Contiene la traducción del texto raíz, una explicación resumida de cada tema del cuarto capítulo y las definiciones de Océano de disfrute de Jetsün Chökyi Gyaltsen, el comentario estándar del PB para el cuarto capítulo del Ornamento. También incluye una introducción a los conceptos budistas más importantes y una explicación general de los principios filosóficos Svatantrika.
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Vivir el camino – Módulo 01: La motivación para vivir - EN LINEAVivir el camino – Módulo 01:
La motivación para vivir - EN LINEA

Este módulo nos servirá para aprovechar la oportunidad que esta vida nos ofrece, y lo hará por medio de ayudarnos establecer la mejor motivación en nuestro día a día, a aprender a apreciar el renacimiento humano precioso del que disponemos, y a comprender la transitoriedad, el cómo las acciones y sus efectos son definitivos, y la fuerza de la bodichita; aspectos todos que nos conducirán hacia una vida plena así como a estar listos para afrontar la muerte en todo momento.
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