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Human Rights in Tibet

Human Rights in Tibet:
Repression, Refugees, and Religious Freedom

Hearing Thursday, November 03, 2011 2 PM Rayburn HOB B-318
This hearing will take place at 2 PM on 11/3/2011, in Rayburn HOB B-318.
The Hearing is open to members of Congress, congressional staff, the media and the interested public.
Thursday, November 03, 2011
2 PM
Rayburn HOB B-318
Please join the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for a hearing on three of the most important human rights issues facing Tibetans today: repression, refugee rights, and religious freedom.

In 1949, the People’s Liberation Army of China entered Tibet’s eastern provinces and seized control of the eastern Tibetan headquarters the following year. In 1959, when Tibetans in Lhasa attempted to declare independence, Chinese military forces crushed the uprising, resulting in the deaths of over 80,000 Tibetans. The Dalai Lama fled in exile to northern India shortly thereafter. Over the past 52 years, hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have fled to India, Nepal, and other countries to escape ongoing human rights abuses by the Chinese government. Tibetan refugee settlements in other countries are in dire need of modernization, while Tibetans who remain in the Tibetan region of China continue to face repression by Chinese authorities.

This hearing will explore the ongoing human rights abuses facing Tibetans both in and outside of China. Dr. Lobsang Sangay, the Kalon Tripa of the Central Tibetan Administration, will describe the need for sustainment and resettlement of refugees from Tibet. He will also discuss religious freedom for Tibetans, particularly with respect to the political battle with China over the Dalai Lama’s succession. In addition, His Eminence Kyabje Kirti Rinpoche, the spiritual leader of the Kirti Monasteries of Tibet and India, will discuss the ongoing suppression of religious and cultural rights resulting in the tragic self-immolations of monks at Kirti Monastery in eastern Tibet.

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