jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010


Dear söpa Nyima
TAKE ACTIONNepalese Police Confiscate Ballot Boxes
Nepalese police confiscating Tibetan ballot boxes.
Watch footage obtained by Radio Free Asia.
Yesterday, Tibetans around the world voted in the preliminary round of elections to nominate candidates to the office of Prime Minister and Parliament of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.  
In Nepal, just one hour before the polls closed, armed police stormed a number of polling stations and confiscated ballot boxes containing thousands of votes.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the government of Nepal to immediately return the ballot boxes and to stop the mistreatment of Tibetan refugees.
Join Tibetans and their supporters worldwide in condemning this heinous act of repression which tramples on the Tibetan people's democratic right to freely elect their political leadership. In recent months, the Chinese government has increased pressure on the government of Nepal to curb any political activities by Tibetans living in Nepal and yesterday's actions signal an escalation in their tactics.

  1. Please read the press statement by SFT and Tibet Action Institute on the incident.
  2. Send a letter to Nepal's Minister for Foreign Affairs and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  3. Call the Nepalese embassy or consulate nearest you to lodge a complaint. Find contact information.
  4. Organize a protest or vigil at the Nepalese embassy or consulate nearest you. We can help advertise your protest - email the details to: tendolkar@studentsforafreetibet.org.
  5. Write to your country's Ambassador to Nepal and urge him/her to raise this issue with the government of Nepal. Find contact information.
  6. Report back: Let us know if you've spoken with the Nepalese authorities and how they responded by emailing: info@studentsforafreetibet.org. Your feedback will help us keep track of the number of calls made worldwide.
For updates and information on protest locations, please visit: http://www.studentsforafreetibet.org
Thank you for taking a stand for democracy and in support of Tibetan refugees in Nepal.
With thanks,

Tendor, Tendolkar, Mary-Kate, Stefanie, Kate and all of us here at SFT HQ

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