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Dear Mike,
“Since mining started, farmland has slowly been destroyed...this year, they are building another, even bigger processing factory. When the people did not agree to have the factory built, the township government forced us to give our consent…”. Tibetan farmer living in Gyama
Tibetans in the beautiful Meldro Gongkar valley, near Tibet's capital, Lhasa, are waging a non-violent struggle to stop Canadian-based China Gold International Resources from ravaging their land and polluting their water.

Together, we can help Tibetans in Tibet stop this disastrous mine from further endangering their livelihoods.
TAKE ACTION: Send a letter to the President and CEO of China Gold International Resources, Mr. Xin Song.

Yesterday, Tibetans and their supporters took action at the Toronto Stock Exchange to call for divestment from China Gold International Resources. SFT members also delivered petitions to the company's headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Further actions are planned this week in Hong Kong, following the company's new listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

We need your help to stop this company's exploitation of Tibet in its tracks.

After you send a letter to the CEO, please pick up the phone and call China Gold's headquarters at +1-604-609-0598 to lodge your concerns about mining in Tibet. Helpful talking points are included below.

You can also take action by posting a comment on the company's website here: http://www.chinagoldintl.com/s/SendMessage.asp

[object Object]China Gold International Resources is the overseas arm of China Gold Group Corp – one of China’s largest state-owned mining companies and a company that has been operating in Gyama (Chinese: Jiama), near Lhasa, Tibet, for a number of years. The company has recently listed on the Toronto and Hong Kong stock exchanges and is trying to finance its operations with foreign support.
In 2009, Tibetans in Gyama protested the contamination of water resources and the resettlement of nomads as a result of the mine operations. Tibetans clearly do not want this mine. By stepping up the pressure now, we can help stop China Gold and other foreign companies from profiting off Tibetan lands.

To learn more about how you can get involved with SFT's Stop Mining Tibet campaign, please visit: http://www.stopminingtibet.org
With hope,

Tendor, Kate, Tenzin Lobsang, and all of us at SFT

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