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Free edition of TibetD Reader Software (Windows):

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Free edition of TibetD Reader Software (Windows):
To read our free texts and databases you will need either TibetD Reader or TibetDoc. If you have purchased any of our packages you will have the software already.  If not and you would like a free version of the Reader, you can download and install it here.  Please note that you will be asked to register with us in order to obtain the software:

 the free version of TibetD Reader.


Note that this software is for Windows; we do not have a general Reader for the Mac (though we do have Mac versions of three of our dictionaries).  The Reader will work in all versions of Windows from XP up and has minimal memory and disk storage requirements.

Commercial software does not fully support Tibetan text formatting and mostly does not allow for searching Tibetan text.  For example, even the very popular Adobe PDF system has trouble with these things.  For this reason, we made and use our own software for presenting Tibetan text.  One of the special features of our software is that it is the only software in the world aware of all of the details of Tibetan text formatting.  Another feature is that has exceptional search capabilities for Tibetan text.  Our TibetD Reader is like Adobe Acrobat except that it handles Tibetan text with all of its specialized requirements, perfectly.  This gives you a remarkable tool for working with Tibetan text.

Evaluation Electronic Dictionaries and Reference Works:
Read detailed information about our dictionaries and the TibetD Reader software that comes with them here.
Windows: Download a package containing samples of the following three dictionaries and one reference work.  The files in this package are short samples only of each reference work.  For example, there are about 200 entries only out of tens of thousands from each dictionary.  The entries have been carefully chosen so that you can get a good feel for the content and quality of the dictionaries.  The package also contains a quick guide to the use of the Reader with the dictionaries.  The guide will show you how to get started with the Reader and how to get the most out of the dictionaries.  It is strongly recommended that you read that guide first after download.

The Illuminator Tibetan-English Dictionary  The Illuminator
Tibetan-English Dictionary
Sarat Chandra Das's Tibetan-English Dictionary Sarat Chandra Das's
Tibetan-English Dictionary
Geshe Chodrak's Tibetan-Tibetan Dictionary  Geshe Chodrak's
Tibetan-Tibetan Dictionary
Mahavyutpatti Sanskrit-Tibetan-English Glossary  Mahavyutpatti
Sanskrit-Tibetan-English Glossary

You will need either TibetDoc or TibetD Reader to read these samples.  If you have purchased any of our software previously, you have the software needed already.  If not, a copy of the free Reader mentioned (above) is included in the package and you can install and use that.

 the Windows evaluation package.
Macintosh: We do have Macintosh versions of the three dictionaries shown above and a Reader programmed for the Macintosh.  However, we do not have a free Reader for the Macintosh nor are there evaluation versions of the dictionaries and reference works for the Macintosh.
Handheld and PDA devices: Download samples of the three dictionaries Illuminator, Sarat Chandra Das, and Geshe Chodrak Dictionaries in TomeRaider format.  The files are compressed into zip format.  Unzip them, then all you need to use them is a copy of TomeRaider software from  Proporta (free, trial versions of the software are available).

 the Tome Raider evaluation software.

Texts and Reference Works for Tibetan Studies:
We have a variety of important texts from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in electronic form.  Many are free and some are available by purchase.

There is a wide range of Tibetan Buddhist texts in electronic form available for free download here.  These texts are in TibetD format.  If you have already purchased any of our products, including TibetDoc word-processor, you already have the software needed to read the free texts  Alternatively, you can use our free Reader available on this page (above) to read them.

Complete information about the dictionaries, texts,and reference works available bypurchase can be viewed here.  The texts for purchase come as a complete package including our standard edition TibetD Reader.

Free Tibetan Fonts:
We are well known for having the best Tibetan fonts in the world.  All of our fonts are available in unicode and non-unicode formats to suit every need.  Our standard workhorse font "Tibetan Machine" has been made available for free in unicode and non-unicode formats.  The font can be obtained here.

For details of all our software and fonts see our Tibetan Computer Company web-site.

Sanskrit Diacriticals:
A set of five, professional-quality typefaces with a full set of IAST diacriticals and keyboards for their use are available with full documentation for free on our Tibetan Computer Company web-site.

Documentation on Tibetan/Bhutanese marks and signs:
View PDFThe PDF file here contains information about marks and signs being considered for inclusion into the Tibetan Unicode 3.0 standard.  It contains a wealth of information about Tibetan and Bhutanese signs not elsewhere available.  View or download by clicking here.
Prices, Sales, and Distributors:
Click here for full information on products available by purchase through our electronic shop.

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