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Dear Respected Söpa Nyima

Greeting from Sera Mahayana Monastic University in South India. It is our heartfelt hope and wish that you are enjoying good health.

We the administrators of Sera Thekchen Ling lachi ( Both Sera Jey collage & Sera Mey collage ) have been intending to organize a first time world Peace Tour to Europe after getting approval from the General Board Members of Sera Monastery.

We are so glad to heard about you through facebook. Today we would like to request your help for our Sera Monastery Monks 2011 Europe Peace Tour. Ten monks from the Sera Monastery in South India will be in Europe 2011 as part of their World Peace Tour 2011, and any help you provide will be highly appreciated. You could help in any of several ways: by hosting an event in your community or providing housing during their stay; a 14 passenger van is needed as are drivers for the van. Ten delegates will tour Europe for some months, during which various Tibetan traditional events will exhibit in different places. The entire events are spirituals events and we dedicate the merits of events generate for the world peace. Our preparation has been almost finished such as making costumes, various spiritual dances and chanting.

The monks will offer a cultural program of ancient Tibetan creative arts that includes the creation of a sand mandala, healing mantras, guided meditation, three-note singing to traditional Tibetan and ancient Cham dances usually performed only in Monasteries.

The aim of the tour is to spread positive energy about world peace education, religious harmony, loving kindness, universal responsibility, and the environment while raising funds to support the exiled Sera Monastery near Mysore in South India. The Sera monastery in exile carries on the tradition of the Sera Theckchen Ling monastery founded in Tibet in the 15th century providng university level education to more then 6000 monks who then serve the Buddha Dharma in various parts of the world.

We will remain so grateful to you for your kind thoughts and any means of assistance towards our monks during the tour.

Please visit our web site further detail at www.sera-monastery.org or facebook (seralachi@hotmail.com) for more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes! Thank you

Secretary of Sera Monastery. South India

Tenzin Thinlay ( Office's Assistant )
Sera Mahayana Monastic University
( Head Office of Sera Monastery )
P.O.Bylakuppe, Distt Mysore
Karnataka Sate - 571104
Cellphone +91 9880336579

Tel-fax: +91 + 8223 + 258503 / 25822
Official website http://www.sera-monastery.org

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